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Newlyn Harbour - Ice plant installation Newlyn Harbour - Ice plant installation Newlyn Harbour - Ice plant installation

Newlyn Harbour

  • Ice plant installation
  • Cornwall

Having carried out numerous successful projects in Cornwall, we were asked to tender for the construction of a new ice plant project against both UK-based and international competition. Newlyn Harbour felt our ProjectLink team had a far better understanding of the requirements of the fishing industry in Cornwall than the competition, so we were selected to work with the Cornish Ice Company and manage the project.

ProjectLink were responsible for:

  • obtaining a Lawful Development Certificate from Cornwall Council, which confirmed that planning permission was not required for the ice plant

  • undertaking a maritime structural survey of the quayside to ensure it was suitable to support the imposed load of the new ice plant
  • supervising ice plant construction
  • upgrading the electrical transformer
  • connecting water and electrical supplies to the ice plant
  • decommissioning and disposing of the existing ice plant
  • providing all plant equipment, labour and cranes etc.

The new ice plant is capable of making 100 tonnes of flake ice every 24 hours. The ice manufacturing is spread between four 25 tonne machines that operate 24 hours per day, so there is always a contingency if there is an issue with one of the machines; the remaining three machines will continue to produce ice for the fleets. The plant is capable of storing 90 tonnes of ice in the refrigerated store, which is fitted with a heavy duty rake system. A swipe card system dispenses the ice, the amount of which required can be pre-set. The delivery of ice is made via a pneumatic ‘air-blown’ tube that vastly simplifies the loading process for the fishing boat crew.

The on-site construction phase of this project commenced in January 2014, just when the some of the worst storms on record hit the UK. The project continued at a reduced pace because the lifting of heavy steelwork wasn’t possible due to the extremely high winds.

Despite the difficult working conditions, work was on the ice plant structure was completed in June 2014.


  • Feb 2013 Geo-technical analysis of quay structure completed. 
  • Aug 2013 Final agreement of ice plant specification.
  • Sep 2013 We organised all materials and equipment ready to start work on modifying the quay and building the plant, and the ice plant was ordered from Germany.
  • Jan 2014 Construction commences at Newlyn.
  • Jun 2014 Project completion.

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